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Do you see videoconferencing as a strategic tool for your company’s performance?

The videoconferencing experience depends on many factors, but four of them are essential:

The videoconferencing system, the audiovisual or desktop equipment used, the layout of the venue (layout, furniture, lighting, …) and finally the quality of the network and internet connection.

Motilde is the first operator in Europe to guarantee the performance of your videoconference ecosystem through its expertise in all these parameters.

The benefits of a global videoconferencing operator

  • A global approach and optimisation of investments in videoconferencing: licences, room equipment, internal and external connections
  • Focus on your business by entrusting the management of this strategic communication tool to a professional
  • Motilde’s recognised expertise in support: studies, reporting, KPI, support
  • The possibility of benefiting from a high quality solution (image and sound) at a price that is affordable even for a very small business
  • A single point of contact responsible for the performance of the video in your company

Motilde integrates the main manufacturers/publishers of reference in the world of video conferencing.

We can meet all your videoconferencing needs based on an analysis of the uses you expect of this technology.


Our video conference offers

Audit of needs and solutions already installed
Qualitative and quantitative audit: users, satisfaction rate, perceived quality
Desktop and BYOD camera licenses
Your employees' PCs are at the centre of the system: at home, outside, or in the meeting room
Design, installation, maintenance of collaborative spaces incorporating videoconferencing
Room codecs, audiovisual equipment adapted to the size and use of the room, layout of hybrid rooms: layout, furniture, lighting, etc.
Audit, installation and configuration of your connections used for videoconferencing
Throughput, latency, jitter, packet loss
Wifi, Lifi
Dedicated VLAN, FW / QoS
Fibre optics

Questions to ask beforehand

  • What will I use my videoconferencing solution for (sales, projects, recruitment, etc.)?
  • Is our need “point-to-point” = a single remote interlocutor at the same time, or “multipoint” = several remote interlocutors
  • Do we need to integrate mobile interlocutors into the videoconference?
  • How much bandwidth do we (can we) dedicate to the video bandwidth?
  • How many rooms do we need to equip? How many users behind their terminal (PC, tablet, mobile, …)
  • For companies with a network infrastructure: where are we going to position the terminals/videoconferencing infrastructure (DMZ, behind a NAT/FW, etc.)?

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Motilde can help you set up a full videoconferencing solution.

Our wide range of videoconferencing equipment and material will allow us to provide a tailor-made response to your needs and budget.

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