We develop and achieve collaborative rooms

Huddle room, meeting room, creativity room, videoconferencing room, training room, boardroom, control room, war room


Huddle Room

For collaborative rooms up to 10 people

Meeting Room

For collaborative meetings of more than 10 people

Creativity Room

Because innovation is a key factor for your business


For direction and management rooms

Control Room

For surveillance and supervision rooms


To welcome your privileged customers

A global control of collaborative rooms

= Collaborative (tools + equipments) x Efficient space (furniture + fittings + layout)

Weakest element sets collaborative experience quality

  • We differentiate ourselves from technological integrators because we integrate space planning into our solutions
  • We differentiate ourselves from fitting companies because we integrate technology into our spaces
  • We differentiate ourselves from IT editors because we integrate equipments and space planning into our achievements
MOtilde offers you all tools that allow to collaborate in the same space but also to interact remotely.
Share and co-edit a document at the same time by several people, interact remotely with videocollaboration or telepresence robots.
MOtilde has built its core business from conception and equipment of turnkey spaces.
Our added value and our difference lie in our multidisciplinary approach centered on exchanges in a collective space.
MOtilde offers its customers with Internet access at guaranteed debits : Copper and Fiber, as well as the implementation of a secure Wifi Network.
MOtilde as a telecom operator will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs : bandwidth, ...

What is a Collaborative Room ?

Collaborative room can be small (huddle room), medium (meeting room, training room) or large (board room, war room), but it differs from classical meeting spaces :

Equipments, layout and furniture are centered on the speaker for a traditional room and on participants for a collaborative room.

A collaborative room is translated by :

Professional solutions of collaboration

  • Videocollaboration
  • Huddle Room
  • Collaborative Room
  • Content sharing and co-editing

What challenges do you face ?

I wish

Our solutions


Audioconference, webinar


Table and meeting seat, multimedia furniture

Content sharing

Wifi, Whiteboard, coedition


Implantation, wall cladding and ceiling


Lighting, display wall, multimedia

Broadcast and streaming

Video recording, audio, data

Internet access

Fiber, copper, symmetrical flow rate guaranteed

Room reservation

Dynamic display, real estate management

How the Espace4 was able to federate its teams during the growth of its company ?

The ESPACE 4 company has become in a few years a key player in the development of value-added points of sale. The rapid growth of the company is partly due to its unique ability to federate multidisciplinary teams and associated tools (ERP, collaboration, ..).

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