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Internet connection for video

Video surveillance

Collaborative meeting room

Videoconference room

Control room

Steering room

A global control of collaborative rooms

= Collaborative (tools + equipments) x Efficient space (furniture + fittings + layout)

We differentiate ourselves from technological integrators because we integrate space planning into our solutions

We differentiate ourselves from fitting companies because we integrate technology into our spaces

We differentiate ourselves from IT editors because we integrate equipments and space planning into our achievements

MOtilde offers you all tools that allow to collaborate in the same space but also to interact remotely.
Share and co-edit a document at the same time by several people, interact remotely with videocollaboration or telepresence robots.
MOtilde has built its core business from conception and equipment of turnkey spaces.
Our added value and our difference lie in our multidisciplinary approach centered on exchanges in a collective space.
MOtilde offers its customers with Internet access at guaranteed debits : Copper and Fiber, as well as the implementation of a secure Wifi Network.
MOtilde as a telecom operator will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs : bandwidth, ...

What is a Collaborative Room ?

Collaborative room can be small (huddle room), medium (meeting room, training room) or large (board room, war room), but it differs from classical meeting spaces :

Equipments, layout and furniture are centered on the speaker for a traditional room and on participants for a collaborative room.

A collaborative room is translated by :

Professional solutions of collaboration

  • Videocollaboration
  • Huddle Room
  • Collaborative Room
  • Content sharing and co-editing

Our solutions


Audioconference, webinar


Table and meeting seat, multimedia furniture

Content sharing

Wifi, Whiteboard, coedition


Implantation, wall cladding and ceiling


Lighting, display wall, multimedia

Broadcast and streaming

Video recording, audio, data

Internet access

Fiber, copper, symmetrical flow rate guaranteed

Room reservation

Dynamic display, real estate management

What our customers have to say

  • "The Motilde team was able to mobilize and remain available to support Hiram Finance throughout the project and during the first weeks following the installation. Beyond the practicality of the solution, the result is very beautiful and I am particularly satisfied with this support and the quality of the products installed."

    Élisabeth Lacombe General secretary - Hiram Finance
  • "Aiming to provide its customers with the power of a national group and the proximity of regional agencies as close as possible to operations, the Espace4 Group has had a network of local agencies for fifteen years. To best support this organization, which is both geographical and matrix-based (the support services are centralized), it had become necessary to adapt our communication tools and our working methods towards more remote collaboration. For this new challenge we called on the company MOtilde, which successfully met our needs"

    Olivier Angleys General manager - Espace 4 
  • "A big thank you to the Motilde teams who listened to our expectations and supported us throughout this ambitious project."

    Moaad Yacoubi Project Manager - BRUXELLES MOBILITE
  • The Motilde teams were able to create a climate of trust and cooperation from the start. They accompanied and advised us with great professionalism throughout the project. Result, a sober, beautiful, functional workspace, in perfect harmony with the expectations of our customers and the values ​​that we wish to promote. Thank you !

    Jean-Christophe Gouchon Director of Engineering & Development - Industrial Resources Institute

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