Logistics tracking solution

A solution to optimise your logistics traceability system

Delivery errors, lost packages and theft can cause delays, replacement costs and loss of customer confidence.

Parcel tracking is a major issue for companies with a physical flow of products. The increase in online ordering and traditional shipping around the world has made it essential to be able to track each parcel as it travels through the world.

In order to meet this need, parcel tracking and video-based suspiciousness solutions are increasingly being used.

At Motilde, we offer state-of-the-art technology to help you track your parcels efficiently and transparently.

Parcel tracking using video: the benefits

Video tracking of parcels is an increasingly popular logistics management tool for companies. The benefits are numerous, particularly in terms of security, planning and customer satisfaction.

Motilde’s solutions allows:

  • Improved parcel security by quickly identifying errors and theft
  • Increased transparency for customers by providing video evidence of delivery and proper preparation of packages
  • Reduced operational costs by eliminating time spent on manual tracking of packages
  • Easier dispute resolution with tangible evidence of delivery conditions
  • Optimisation of stock management: logistical traceability by means of video makes it possible to check that the logistical processes in the warehouse are respected

Solution for better logistics tracking

Thanks to technological advances in the world of video coupled with software for managing logistics platforms, new solutions have been developed to make logistics chains more fluid.

Our video surveillance system has been designed to link the video recordings to the barcodes of the packages (or any other characteristics of the package entered into the system). The black box between scanning or inspection points is finally a thing of the past: the camera takes over and gives you all the information you need.

This intelligent video surveillance technology allows you to track packages at every stage of the supply chain. You can track the progress of your goods in real time or off-line by searching for video footage by package number (or any other characteristic). A simple entry of the parcel number will instantly display the video footage you need to understand what happened.

The user interface:

interface utilisateur

Possible integrations

Our solution can be combined with:

  • VMS: VMS allows you to manage everything from a single interface, giving you total control over your video surveillance system. It orchestrates a surveillance workflow by integrating with cameras, encoders, recording systems, storage infrastructure, analysis software, etc.
  • Warehouse management software (ERP), offering the possibility of automatically obtaining stock status, load weight and potential risks. All of this can be done with a simple image analysis. Some cameras can even determine the exact measurements of a parcel, allowing the pallet storage space to be optimised more efficiently

The success of the entire supply chain depends on effective coordination between the different processes in the supply chain. By setting up a logistics control centre (or control room), processes can be continuously monitored, problems can be detected and solved quickly, logistics costs can be optimised and the quality of service offered to your customers can be improved. Motilde is a recognised player in control rooms. Contact us for more information.

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