Control / Supervision rooms

Spaces to react at the right time

By definition, a control room is a central location where technicians and managers manage day-to-day operations and maintain and implement crisis operations.

Whether it is the control room of an industry, a smart city, a service company, or an operating theatre, the control room is the epicentre of any video surveillance system.

Motilde is a recognised player in the field of control rooms, thanks to its global approach.

We offer a complete integration :

  • Hardware / Software / Sensors
  • Multimedia / Video / Audio
  • Video wall / Operator stations
  • Furniture / Layout / Ergonomics
  • Study: Project Management Assistance / Consulting
  • Integration / Project management

 In concrete terms, Motilde can help you through the following services:



  • Assistance in the overall definition of the project and the KPIs (Key Process Indicators)
  • Functional flowchart,
  • Directory of sources to be processed in the control room and functional categorisation
  • Source display plan


  • Technologies to be acquired / retained
  • Overall technical flow chart
  • Technical characterisation of sources to be processed in the control room
  • Technical diagrams by function
    • HARDWARE: video server, controller, video/IP encoder/decoder, recorder, connectors, cabling, LCD display, LEDs, rear-projection cubes, etc.
    • SOFTWARE: VMS (Genetec, Milestone, ….), hypervisor, SCADA, image recognition software (facial recognition, number plates, vehicle counting, etc.), etc.


  • Functional and technical study of operator stations:
    • operator console and supervisor
    • 24/7 seating for control rooms
  • Ergonomic study :
    • morphological adjustments
    • ergonomic materials


  • Layout of technology and furniture: flow in the room, position of operator stations in relation to the video wall
  • Controlled lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Related rooms


  • Functional validation of the POC versus the specifications
  • Technical definition
  • Coordination of the various service providers
  • Implementation
  • Report with corrective actions




On the basis of the Technical Specifications, we consult manufacturers and software publishers who respond as closely as possible to the request.

NOTE: Motilde can potentially consult all manufacturers and publishers in our trade, having no interest or participation in them.
This is a fundamental point in the conduct of your project, as this independence guarantees that you will find the best solution at the best cost.


  • Assembly, cabling and parameterisation of hardware and software equipment
  • Testing and acceptance of all configurations provided for in the specifications


  • Training of super users who will be the referents for the users
  • Training of the teams
  • Drafting of a DOE

Supervision room

What is the purpose of a supervision room? 

This space is useful for all professionals who need to monitor in real time:

  • A location (building, sensitive area, urban or rural area, etc.)
  • A process (industrial, logistics, etc.)
  • A situation

We work in industry, public or service structures:

  • PROCESS INDUSTRY: chemicals, food processing, materials, raw materials, etc.
  • LOGISTICS / TRANSPORT : road, rail, air
  • HOSPITAL / CLINICS : operating room
  • SECURITY: CSU, security posts, remote surveillance …
  • IT / COMPUTING: network, infrastructure, cyber security
  • COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: e-reputation monitoring, social networks, ….
  • FINANCE / BANKING : financial transactions, stock exchange, …
  • Others

What is a crisis room?

The crisis room is often adjacent to the control or supervision room.
It is not advisable to manage the crisis in the control room, which should remain a cold space focused on information acquisition.
Technically, the sources processed in one space must be able to be displayed on the fly in the other.


Steering room

The Steering Room is similar to the control room but with a strong focus on action and decision making.

In addition to the traditional supervision functions, there are

  • communication tools to transmit instructions to the field
  • business software to facilitate decision-making
  • remote control solutions for actuators or specialised vehicles

Security centers

Security centers (e.g. Urban Security Center of Smart Cities) or security posts are also a special case of the control room.

They are usually equipped with a VMS (Video Management Software) tool that controls numerous cameras deployed in the field, both for viewing and recording.

Increasingly, the images from these cameras are processed by specialised processing software, which converts a particular situation into alarms for the operators.

What is a command center?

 Command centers generally use all the control room tools presented above.
They are often complex installations, with several control and monitoring subspaces coexisting, thus requiring advanced data sharing processes and technologies.
The security of the circulation of this data is one of the challenges of these centers. Some traditional control room solutions passing through the network cannot therefore be deployed here.

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