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Our Triple-Play offer

Motilde’s main mission is to support its customers (SME, group subsidiary, public sector) in a global mastery of connected collaboration.

Our company has an original approach: MOtilde is the first operator of the Triple Play Collaboration.

Why « Triple Play » ?

Our experience as an integrator convinced us that three ingredients were essential to create the reflex of the collaboration in company, in addition of course of a culture impelled by the management :

Why does Motilde offer Internet and Wifi access ?

Here too, it is the experience that has taught us that this point (the “pipes”) seldom fails by the internal network (in general, very over-capacity) but almost always by the external internet link.

We have become a telecom distributor with access to all the collection doors of major national networks (France Telecom, SFR, etc.). We have the capacity to provide internet access of our copper or fiber, and thus to guarantee a global service to our customers.

Some concrete examples :

  • it is useless to have a room with high-performance videoconferencing solutions if the internet input / output rate is not guaranteed at the height of the need.
  • excellent throughput and a powerful solution may still result in a poor videoconferencing experience if the room layout is unsuitable.

In the end, this “Triple Play” skill allows Motilde to package very consistent offers close to the needs of medium and small structures.

Our services

Motilde supports you throughout your collaborative infrastructure project

The diagnostic phase is provided free of charge by MOtilde in concert with your teams. We will help you at this stage to gain a global vision.
A study phase may then be necessary depending on the complexity of the project. This study usually pays off except when ordering.
Installation & configuration
Installation & configuration
The installation and configuration precede the training actions. These are usually distinct between the user training and the training for the maintenance team.
Maintenance & helpdesk
Maintenance & helpdesk
MOtilde offers maintenance and helpdesk services. This service is naturally included for an internet link.

Success story

How the Espace4 was able to federate its teams during the growth of its company ?

The ESPACE 4 company has become in a few years a key player in the development of value-added points of sale. The rapid growth of the company is partly due to its unique ability to federate multidisciplinary teams and associated tools (ERP, collaboration, ..).

They trust us