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Why digitise your visual management?

According to research by 3M (the company behind the Post-it brand), visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Visual management is widely used to share objectives, organisational strategy and as a communication tool. By opting for the digital approach, it is possible to [...]

7 tips for a modern meeting room design

In theory, when it comes to interior design, anything is possible. In reality, it is often best to follow the main trends and best practices when it comes to designing your meeting rooms. Start by considering styles from the perspective of your employees and clients. Will they be excited about [...]

Command centre: a place for decision-making

A command centre is a place used to provide centralised command and connected to many human or machine sources. It is organised to collect, process, analyse, display and distribute planning and operational data. It helps organisations to maintain remote control of a process or activity. [...]

[Product Sheet] Poly Studio E70 Camera

The choice of the camera that will allow you to be seen in a videoconference by the remote site(s) plays a central role: the quality of the exchange is closely dependent on good visual contact between the different participants. The Poly Studio E70 is a unique smart camera. Dual cameras with [...]

LED video wall: high definition in a large format

A video wall is composed of several screens that work together as a single display surface for placing different content. These screens usually have reduced edges so that content that overlaps two screens is not cut in half. You have probably seen video walls in airports, television studios, [...]

Essential components of city surveillance systems

Video surveillance plays an important role in the security of cities. In particular, it should be noted that medium-sized and even small cities are in the process of being equipped.In an urban video surveillance system, it is necessary to integrate different methods and technologies to form a [...]

FAQs on Badge access control systems

How does a badge access control system work? In an access-controlled building, authorised persons use identifiers (badges) to make unlocking requests to readers installed near the entrances. These send information to an access control unit (ACU) which decides (or not) to trigger the locking [...]

What is digital signage?

Digital signage has overtaken traditional signage. It is an extremely powerful communication medium that is hard to avoid. But what is it and how can you use it to your advantage? Read on for a full description of the technology, examples of its use and tips on how to find the right solution [...]

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