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Smart Office: the office 2.0

A Smart Office is a technological workplace that gives its occupants control over their working environment by connecting them to the building. An ecosystem of platforms, IoT, hardware and software brings the workplace to life. Thanks to Smart Office technology, many workspaces have evolved [...]

Meeting room names – Top 7

When named properly, your meeting rooms can be inspiring and reinforce your brand. At the very least, these names make booking rooms a little more fun for your team. Let’s face it, ‘meeting room #21’ is a pretty boring name. Naming your rooms can also serve practical purposes, [...]

Choosing the right screen for your videoconferences

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right screen for video conferencing. The size of your room, the frequency of use of the system, the quality of the lighting, the intended use and your budget all play an important role in the choice of screen. We will see below that [...]

Virtual meeting: How to communicate remotely ?

Telecommuting, videoconferencing and remote meetings are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, a trend that the health crisis has accelerated considerably. What is a virtual meeting? A virtual meeting is simply a meeting that takes place online rather than physically with all [...]

Collaborative meetings: 5 types of participants

We have published several articles in relation to equipment, technology, furniture and layout of a collaborative room. We would like to focus here on the heart of a collaborative meeting: you! What kind of participants are you? And therefore, what are your expectations? The tools you [...]

Control rooms in the transport industry

# Control room market overview Control rooms are seen as essential equipment in the Transportation, Military & Defense, Utility & Telecom, Healthcare and Mining & Manufacturing industries. Among those industries, Transportation currently holds the largest market share in control [...]

3 tips for managing acoustics in your control room

This is a recurring problem raised by our customers. How to manage the cohabitation of different populations in a control room from an acoustic point of view? In particular, these 3 groups that perform different tasks: Operators, focused on the screens at their desks or on the video wall [...]

Do I need a video wall in my control room?

It is often the icon and landmark of any control room: the video wall is the first thing that catches the eye when you enter this space. However, is it an essential and inseparable element of the notion of the control and supervision room? For example, we were recently asked to assist an energy [...]

Huddle Rooms: the new collaborative spaces

What are the advantages of these small spaces called Huddle Rooms and what are our first feedbacks on the subject? 1# Advantages Generally positioned in Open Space, they are surrounded by glass surfaces or acoustic surfaces in rock wool covered with textile. The first advantage is visual to [...]

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