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Why digitise your visual management?

According to research by 3M (the company behind the Post-it brand), visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Visual management is widely used to share objectives, organisational strategy and as a communication tool. By opting for the digital approach, it is possible to [...]

[Product sheet] The Nureva HDL 410

Creating videoconferencing environments in large spaces has its challenges. In lecture theatres, for example, the most valuable content does not always come from the lecture itself, but from the discussions between the participants. With distance learning, it is much more of a two-way [...]

7 tips for a modern meeting room design

In theory, when it comes to interior design, anything is possible. In reality, it is often best to follow the main trends and best practices when it comes to designing your meeting rooms. Start by considering styles from the perspective of your employees and clients. Will they be excited about [...]

Command centre: a place for decision-making

A command centre is a place used to provide centralised command and connected to many human or machine sources. It is organised to collect, process, analyse, display and distribute planning and operational data. It helps organisations to maintain remote control of a process or activity. [...]

[Product Sheet] Poly Studio E70 Camera

The choice of the camera that will allow you to be seen in a videoconference by the remote site(s) plays a central role: the quality of the exchange is closely dependent on good visual contact between the different participants. The Poly Studio E70 is a unique smart camera. Dual cameras with [...]

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