Monitoring tools

Improve the monitoring of your business processes & your information system

With MOTILDE, benefit from personalised support to set up or improve the supervision and monitoring of your business processes and information system.

Upstream, we monitor the proper functioning of physical sensors, cameras, hardware or virtual machines, routers, application software, etc.

Together with you, we set up the monitoring of important information: tracking of planned or unexpected events, process metrics, abnormal situations, etc.

We display this monitoring in an optimised way in the room or the local control station, but also on the remote operator stations: the supervision space is hybrid thanks to Motilde.

Our areas of work

monitoring tools

From design to implementation

We support you throughout your monitoring projects:

At the beginning of your projects: consulting, project management, studies
Implementing your global solution: integration, installation, training
Operation: maintenance, life cycle, run

Our monitoring expertise

MOTILDE’s ambition is to reconcile operations management and information systems management.

Our monitoring tools are sometimes more focused on the business: industrial or IOT sensors, video analysis, … or on the IT and network infrastructure, but in the end, there is only one focus for all: operational excellence.

We work more particularly in the following sectors:

Healthcare - operating theatres
Healthcare - operating theatres
Audiovisual technology for health.
Logistics supervision
Logistics supervision
Solutions to optimise your logistics traceability system
Industrial supervision
Industrial supervision
Analysing and monitoring production processes
IT Supervision
IT Supervision
Continuously monitor your information system & anticipate failures on your network
Control rooms
Control rooms
Spaces to react at the right time.

Request a free personalised quote

Motilde can help you design and arrange your monitoring spaces.

Our understanding of spaces, our knowledge of ergonomics and our expertise in the integration of technological equipment will allow us to provide a tailor-made response to your needs and your budget.

Contact us to receive your personalised quote, a specialist engineer will contact you as soon as possible!

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