Access control solutions

Security starts with secure access

Whether it’s people or vehicles, your access control system is the cornerstone of your security.

Eliminate the threats posed by uncontrolled entry points, unauthorised access to sensitive areas and unsupervised visitor access – all with a powerful access control system.

Rely on a system that can scale, integrate with other solutions and provide robust protection.

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Centralized access control, code or badge

In addition to code access systems, Motilde integrates centralized badge solutions. For instance:

  • Magnetic badge reader: reads badges and cards with a magnetic stripe. It will read cards whose tracks are already encoded, for example for traceability or data processing. A computer system processes the information. It is recommended to use it indoors, as it must be connected to a USB port.
  • Bar code reader: It reads and scans visible and hidden bar codes. This is a reader that can be limited in its use as it will only read barcodes and QR codes present on a label or badge.
  • RFID badge reader: this is a contactless system that quickly reads badges and other products with an RFID tag.
  • Biometric reader: this has a sensor, which usually identifies the fingerprint, which provides even more security than a simple badge. On the other hand, it is more difficult to install and more expensive, as it is a high-tech device.

Thermal camera: The SENTINEL system

SENTINEL is a body temperature detection and mask wearing solution. This solution helps to reduce the contagion of the COVID-19 virus.

Three options are available:

  • SENTINEL can be incorporated into the layout of your reception area. It is a fixed solution.
  • The camera can be integrated into furniture mounted on wheels. A cable with electrical power must be run to this furniture. This is the mobile solution.
  • The camera/furniture unit is mounted on wheels and has a battery. This is the stand-alone solution.

This solution also includes a digital signage option. A screen placed on the control furniture displays all kinds of information: safety instructions, daily news, etc.

Access control for vehicles

Motilde’s vehicle access solutions help you improve access control with innovative systems that meet your needs – from simple vehicle entry and exit to advanced access control.

With this type of solution, all vehicle movements are recorded in a database. This always gives you full transparency about the vehicles on your premises.

  • By number plate recognition or RFID tags (fixed in or on the vehicle, long range reading).
  • Optionally combined with driver access badge.
  • Vehicle database containing key vehicle attributes.
  • Vehicle access profiles for time-based access rules.

Our expertise: from design to implementation

Each access control system installation is meticulously designed and implemented by our teams.

You are involved throughout the process.

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