IT Supervision

Ensure the stability and security
of your information system

Today’s businesses are deeply intertwined with their IT systems.

Even a minor glitch can escalate into a critical issue, leading to significant operational disruptions, decreased productivity, financial setbacks, and potential harm to the company’s image. In such a scenario, continuous monitoring and proactive measures are crucial to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

With our advanced IT monitoring solutions, you can proactively oversee, avert, and address system failures, keeping your operations firmly in your grasp.

MOTILDE can help you monitor your information system:


it supervision

We rely primarily on CENTREON connectors, which have the largest library on the market today.

After self-discovery of all your machines (hardware or software) with an IP address, you can organise the end-to-end supervision of your key processes yourself.

You won’t miss a single malfunction, and what’s more, you’ll have the information you need to optimise your information system.

Cockpit view

vue cockpit

Geographical view​

vue geographique

Alerts view

vue alertes

Graphic view

vue graphique

Your dashboards

dashboards personnnalises

Analytical Reports

rapports analytiques

This IT supervision can be carried out independently of your business or integrated into a single tool:




Examples :
Cold logistics, Industrial processes, Operating theatres, Energy, Smart buildings

The comprehensive supervision then takes on its full meaning. For example:

Routers, servers, Applications availability…

Geolocation, IOT, ….​

Aligning IT and Business

it monitoring

Full support: from process design to project implementation

We support you throughout your IT supervision projects:

At the start of your projects: consulting, project management, studies, etc.
Implementation of your global solution: integration, installation, training
Operation: maintenance, lifecycle, runtime

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Trust Motilde to guide you through the optimisation and design of your IT supervision environments.

Thanks to our solid understanding of IT spaces and processes, as well as our expertise in ergonomics and technology integration, we can offer you a tailor-made solution that perfectly meets your needs and budget.

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