Installation of video surveillance systems

Reception, management and viewing of surveillance images

In order to define your needs and advise you in the best possible way, it is useful to be able to answer the following questions:

Do you need video recording of specific events or continuous recording?
How often do you need to access and check the camera systems for activity reports?
Do you need to be able to identify people’s faces, certain objects or vehicles, or to see the space in detail?
In what types of spaces and contexts do you install security cameras?

Once your needs are clearly defined, our experts will help you install your customised video surveillance system.

Image reception

Camera / sensor placement

Proper placement of your video surveillance equipment is essential and many factors must be taken into account (blind spots, camera height, impact of light, visibility of equipment, protection against bad weather, etc.).
Motilde helps you install your equipment to optimise it as much as possible.

Receiving and managing images via a VMS

The VMS (Video Management System) allows you to control, record and view live video from several surveillance cameras. It can be appliance-based or Windows-based, depending on the manufacturer, and used with IP cameras or analogue cameras with an encoder.

Storage of your images

It is difficult to monitor all your security cameras 24/7.
So it’s essential to know your video storage options and needs before you invest.

There are three types of storage available for business surveillance systems: NVR, DVR, and hybrid systems.

  • NVR, or network video recording, is used with IP camera systems. It is the reference technology today.
  • Digital video recording, or DVR, is used for analogue and professional CCTV cameras. Most traditional DVR systems have onsite storage, but many vendors now offer cloud-based video surveillance storage for businesses.

Video viewing / analysis

Visualisation by an operator

Control room, crisis room, supervision room or security centres… There are several types of spaces adapted to the viewing and analysis of video surveillance images by agents. More and more, the images are processed by specialised software, which converts a particular situation into alarms for the operators.
Motilde is a recognised player in the control space, thanks to its global approach.

Intelligent video analysis system

This is a system that improves the operation of security cameras by giving them the ability to detect critical situations autonomously, i.e. without the supervision of a person. To do this, they use artificial intelligence to analyse the images taken by the cameras.

Our expertise: from design to implementation

Each video surveillance system installation project is meticulously designed and implemented by our teams.

You are involved throughout the process.

You can also choose to contract only part of our services:

Audit / Project Management

Design & Integration



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