MOTILDE can help you to ensure the safety of your employees and customers when they return to your building.


Sentinel integrates a thermal camera into furniture adapted to your reception area. This solution detects the temperature of people wishing to enter your premises.

In this way you can reduce the potential contagiousness in your space

Why use a thermal camera instead of a gun-type laser thermometer?

With gun type thermometers, the measurement results are very variable or even random. This problem stems from 2 weak points when comparing this product to a thermal camera solution:

  • A thermal imaging camera has an IR sensor with better resolution than the small sensor of the frequently used gun thermometers in the 70 to 200€ range.
  • A camera can be equipped with binocular detection, which increases the reproducibility of the measurement.

Portable or fixed thermal camera?

The portable thermal camera has the advantage of being more flexible in its use, but its operation differs from the fixed camera.

  • The handheld camera detects the hottest spot (risk of detecting a false positive, e.g. if a person opens their mouth after drinking hot coffee).
  • The fixed thermal camera always detects a temperature on a person’s forehead and therefore reduces the risk of errors.

Are there any prerequisites for installing such solutions?

In terms of location, preference should be given to indoor rather than outdoor installation, and as a general rule, avoid direct contact with any surface sensitive to external temperature variations (glass, canvas, etc.).

In terms of the configuration of the solutions, a thermal imaging camera can be connected directly to a PC and therefore does not necessarily need to be connected to the network. It takes about an hour to install a standard kit.

Are these solutions medical devices?

No, in no way do these solutions replace a medical device. It is a first filter to identify “at risk” people in a simple and quick way. Medical equipment is still necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of a person.

What do the regulations say about these devices?

To use these solutions in accordance with the rules defined by the CEPD, it is not recommended to:

  • Save data on a hard disk
  • Link with a badge reader: the CNIL does not want an association between a person and their temperature
  • Disseminate the detection “results” (e.g. have a screen displaying the detected temperatures to people in the queue)

This solution is an incentive, you can advise a person with a fever to go home, but you can’t ban them from the building.

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