We regularly review in our blog the different elements that make up a control or supervision room.

The purpose of this post is to introduce an important piece for all rooms that include monitoring processes of industrial operations or service in a broad sense: the SCADA.

1# What does it do ?

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.

A SCADA is therefore mainly used for process supervision; in more detail, it is an information system that performs the following functions :

  • data acquisition: alarms, measurements, …
  • analysis and control of these data
  • the display of this raw or reworked data in a Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • the piloting and management of processes from the HMI

2# What are the different elements of a SCADA?

  • network communication interfaces (to sensor or actuator networks): remote management.
  • a database (historization)
  • an information processing machine (calculation of metrics)
  • a man-machine interface

3# Who uses SCADA?

All organizations that need to control a process. In particular all process industries (chemical, water distribution, energy, …) but not only: a SCADA can be developed for a service business (for example, a firemen’s rescue center). Of course, even if the principles remain the same, each organization uses its own SCADA.

4# What is the link with control rooms?

As a rule, the SCADA HMI is displayed on the main focus (video wall) of the control room.

Before its installation, this video wall must therefore be thought out according to the different SCADA screens that you wish to display: general image, details of a sub-process, etc.

Here is a small playful animation for you to better understand the concept:

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