The main objective of a supervision and/or crisis room is, of course, the real-time display of a large amount of information related to the same process or event under control.

Before embarking on an investment, it is therefore essential to carefully consider the technology at the heart of this visualisation: the video wall screens. In our Control Room White Paper we have described the different technologies available: DLP cubes, DLP laser, LCD LED, Oled, … For each of these technologies there are of course many models with different resolutions, brightness and bezels.

5 parameters must be considered for an optimal choice.

Parameter 1: nature of the sources

This information can be of very different nature: synoptics, SCADA, control cameras, high definition photos in 4K, web pages, TV channels, images from drones, …

Therefore, it is important to define the sources that will be displayed in the control room. From this analysis, we can define the best response in terms of display technologies.

Parameter 2: 24/7

This is an important parameter for the selection of screens: the need or not to operate the control room 24/7. Of course, more can be less: 24/7 technology will be operational for rooms that do not operate continuously, but point 5 (budget) may lead you to make the right choice. On the other hand, the problems of screen persistence and operational availability disqualify most commercial solutions (LED LCD screens in particular) for 24/7 operation.

Parameter 3: Size of the video wall

In general, the larger the size of a video wall, the greater the setback.

The resolution, brightness and bezel must therefore be adjusted accordingly. Larger sizes will require a higher brightness, but a lower resolution and bezel than for a smaller size.

Parameter 4: layout of the control room

The orientation of the light, the layout of the operator consoles, the general configuration of the room, etc. all contribute to adjusting the characteristics of the screens as closely as possible; but also to determining an important parameter: should maintenance be carried out from the front or from behind?

Parameter 5: Budget

As with any investment, the budget remains the final arbiter of the project team’s desiderata. To cut a long story short, DLP cubes generally offer better performance (afterglow, bezel, durability, ….) than LCD led screens but have higher purchase costs.

In conclusion, do not hesitate to call on a control room specialist like MOTILDE to help you in this choice that is central to the success of your investment.

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