To facilitate decision making and crisis management related to your business, you are convinced that you need a control room. But for it to be effective:

# What should I think about when setting the specifications for my control room?

You will find three important points in the rest of this article.

1# Sources : Collect information

Before you start designing a control room, you have to look in detail at the various pieces of information that will be processed. We recommend always starting with functional categories (technical data, business applications, IP cameras …) and then classifying these different types of information (RGB, VNC servers …) Achieving this ranking is of great importance for two reasons: – this is a good opportunity to involve the users of the room – Technological infrastructures are evolutionary, but on the contrary the physical configuration of the space is necessarily not very mobile. A reconfiguration of your control room will cost you a lot if you realize at the end of the project that important contents / alarms / synoptics / … have not been planned.

2# Scope of action / intervention

Once you have exhaustively listed the necessary information, you need to determine exactly what you want to do with it.Do you want to simply disseminate the data: how, where, in what form, …? Or perform operations (maintenance, sending teams on the ground …)? In addition, these operations are linked to your activity and your teams => there are no standard checklists; it is important to identify them well as they will affect the layout of the equipment.

3# Place user in the center of the project

In general, to create an effective collaborative space, we always put users at the center of the process. The requirement for a control room further reinforces this imperative.Indeed, the control rooms operate in the majority of the cases in 24/7 and it is a place where a lot of tensions put to the test the various operational teams.

Care must therefore be taken to respond carefully to the physiological needs of the operators:- Controlled brightness- Acoustic in room that avoids stress or fatigue- Ergonomic furniture- Different living spaces- Controlled room temperature.

Don’t hesitate to ask Motilde to assist you in the development of your control room, supervision or surveillance, we will be delighted to bring you our expertise.

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