Video Walls

Anticipating, steering, deciding, controlling

A video wall is created by juxtaposing several screens, arranged to form a large multi-display screen or windows of several images.

With their large number of available pixels, video walls allow information from different sources and in different formats to be combined.

This solution has the advantage of being both customisable in the content you display and in its layout.

Video wall deployments pose different challenges depending on the size, resolution, connectivity and application requirements. Motilde offers a 360° approach, putting its expertise at the service of your project.

When to choose a video wall?

  • Visualisation of data, processes and locations
    Screen walls are capable of presenting large amounts of information that can be seen by many people at the same time. In airports and logistics facilities, for example, where data must be constantly displayed, they are of great use.
  • Surveillance & security
    Video walls enable security personnel to detect possible breaches of security quickly and efficiently. This technology is frequently used to monitor, control and protect, e.g. by public services, transport companies, banking companies, etc.
  • Collaboration
    Video walls allow all the actors in a process to be brought together around the same data: accelerated collective intelligence guaranteed!
  • Internal and external communications,
    A picture is worth a thousand words“: video walls allow information to be shared visually in real time with great impact. These screens, when integrated with content management software, allow the creation of targeted and attractive messages. Because of their size and clarity, video walls have a ‘WOW’ factor that makes them very effective for marketing messages.
  • Events
    Video walls can be installed in stadiums, concert halls, conferences, and other events. With a professional video wall design, you can indeed get a high definition image visible to everyone, even on a very large surface.
  • Etc.
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Video wall integration: from design to implementation

Each technology installation is meticulously designed and implemented by our teams.

We keep you informed throughout the process.

You can also choose to contract only part of our services:

Audit / Project Management

Design & Integration



Get a tailor-made quote

As independent integrators, we work with a wide variety of brands, depending on your needs.

Whatever your challenges, our team of highly skilled AV professionals will work closely with you to design a video wall solution that will fit your needs perfectly.

Contact us to receive your personalised quote and a specialist engineer will get back to you as soon as possible!

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