Better traffic management through our partner “Nextérité”


As already mentioned in the blog “general Transport …”, intelligent transportation systems are used in the area of traffic management. These contribute to make information accessible and accelerate instant decision making in common control room environments. Critical decision making can be required in many different situations. One of them is the immediate response to traffic alerts like accidents, traffic jams or incidents. To react to that, today’s information flow is routed through the public institutions. After a specific period of time this information then is available for public traffic management/ traffic control institutions and trip planners like google maps.



In the age of big data, these incidents are shared with other people instantly on social media such as Twitter. This means that this information in particular, which causes annoyance or stress in people, is already available some time earlier. So why not use this information to make it accessible for people in that region in general?



Nextérité has done just that ( To quote the CEO of Nextérité Edith Nuss: “NextAlert detects, analyze and merge in real time numerous collaborative and official sources, from travelers’ tweets to rescue service’s alerts or operators’ roadwork messages. Thanks to this capacity, we are happy to provide national and local authorities and operators with reliable multimodal mobility information feeds, to better inform travelers and citizens.”

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Let’s elaborate this in particular. Our new partner offers an innovative solution that uses the real-time engine to filter useful information about the current traffic situation. This information is then made available to the authorities in the form of alternative routes, notifications, etc.

The application can therefore be used in two different ways. On the one hand as a more efficient route planner application in everyday life providing:

  1. 40% more information
  2. 20 minutes more saved time

compared to the regional operators in the Paris Region like SNCF & RATP (confirmed by entities like RATP or Alstom).

Furthermore, as an additional source of information in the field of traffic monitoring for public authorities. Nextérité’s innovative algorithm uses natural language processing to transform unstructured messages from social media, official sources, Internet of Things, open data & environmental data to structured data that benefits the customers the most. It’s providing several features:

  • Disruption management
  • Incoming feeds
  • Outcoming API/SDK
  • Cartographic apps
  • Risks management
  • Routing
  • Collborative network
  • Travelers‘ alert

All these features can be utilized by Video Surveillance and Traffic Management control rooms to know and implement the action plan faster.



If you need more information about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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