Control room for community managers

The surveillance room – still called the supervisory or control room – is now booming. There is one area in particular where the phenomenon is gaining momentum: the monitoring of social networks.

Some generalities about the surveillance room before addressing the particular case of social networks and electronic media:

It is a space that collects a lot of information of different natures, and where several operators analyze this information in real time to trigger regulatory actions.

Traditionally, this supervision space is composed of seven main modules: a wall of images (still called central focal point), operator consoles, a control room, a room (s) of preparation / anticipation, a media space / press, technical rooms and living space (by definition, this is a place where operations can take place 24/7).

Of course, some of these modules can be grouped according to the size and nature of the issues.

The immense benefit of such a tool is to drastically improve the response time to events and thus make decisions much more relevant than in a traditional organization.

This type of room is today found in all types of industries and public structures: energy, raw materials, civil security, military, IT, logistics, …

Today, the digital business takes possession of these control and control rooms, and especially community managers! It is from this business that was born the Social War Room.

Same type of process as a conventional control room, but the managed data are social networks (hashtags used, comments from users, positive or negative opinions, reactions, …), forums, online surveys, …, as well as electronic media online.

Why is it important for them? Should we remind the incredible power of fire media social networks? For the record, 2.31 billion active users are exchanging information at the speed of a keyboard and a mouse. When the fire is on, nothing can withstand the electronic rumor; traditional firewalls (press conferences, news releases, …) are simply outdated.

Community managers must react quickly: delete, comment, contact, respond, thank … .To do this, they need a tool for collection and action in real time: the social war room is the ideal answer.

The raw material is mainly from the web but is often complemented by watching the news channels.

In the end, the social war room is a powerful tool to react to unforeseen events but it is also a way to influence upstream by capturing the weak signals of the Web.

Strong of its experience, Motilde can accompany you in the design and the realization of your “Social War Room”: technologies, arrangement, furniture for room of surveillance and supervision, we are a specialist assembler 😉

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you !

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