Open spaces are becoming increasingly popular, but 43% of employees are not convinced.

It is clear that many open spaces are not designed with users in mind: noise pollution, little space for meeting, poor lighting, etc.

1# Open-plan does not mean one space

A good open space should make life easier for your employees. That’s why, before you embark on such a project, it’s essential to involve the users.

Here are the main questions to ask them, the aim being to define the different collaborative spaces to create in your open space:

  • what kind of spaces do you need?
  • what tools do you want to use?
  • how do you want to collaborate?

In-between spaces are now becoming a major feature of quality open spaces. Neither workstations nor meeting rooms, these spaces encourage informal and spontaneous meetings, in a more convivial setting closer to the home.

2# Equip yourself with interactive videomobiles

To avoid having a screen in every space (takes up space, expensive), a visiomobile with an interactive screen is very useful.

The advantage of this solution is that it is mobile and easy to handle, it fits into all your spaces and allows brainstorming sessions thanks to the interactivity of the screen: use of the whiteboard function, sharing of everyone’s content on the screen, possibility of modifying and annotating the content. This is one of the most important points in an open space: you must facilitate the collaboration of your employees by providing them with simple and reliable tools for sharing content.

It is also possible to add a videoconferencing kit, as the videomobile has a camera niche designed for this purpose.

3# Anticipating noise pollution

The main problem with open spaces is noise pollution.

Plusieurs solutions acoustiques existent pour réduire le bruit : bulles de communication isolée phoniquement, cloisons acoustiques pour séparer des espaces, etc.

Several acoustic solutions exist to reduce noise: soundproofed communication bubbles, acoustic partitions to separate spaces, etc.

Do you want to add a collaborative dimension to your existing open space? Do not hesitate to consult Motilde for a personalised study.

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